Wednesday, December 4, 2013
7:29 PM

It's winter holiday! You seemed so bored at your house that you feel you want to die. Until, your phone is ringing. It was none other than your best friend, Cho Kyuhyun.

You: Yeoboseyo, Kyuhyun?
Kyu: Yeoboseyo, _____. You promised me you'll gonna play game with me. *pout*
You: Oh, mianhae. I was too bored until I forget about that.
Kyu: So, you're gonna come or not?
You: Of course, I'll come. Thanks for reminding me, Kyu.
Kyu: Nae, you're welcome, forgetful girl. *evil smirk*
You: aish, this boy. Well, I'll be there. Annyeong, Kyu.
Kyu: Annyeong.

After the call, you quickly changed and you went to his house. It's been a while, you haven't go to his house since the holiday is starting. You rang the bell and waited him to open the door. But, it's a letter come out from the door automatically. You take the letter and read it.

"Just open the door by yourself and go into my room. I'm busy. :132: by, GameKyu"

'Aish, this lazy gamer.' You open the door and went into his room. You saw him playing his favorite game. You went towards him and poke him.

You: Annyeong, Game Kyu.
Kyu: Oh, *remove his headphone* annyeong, ___.
You: Mianhae if I forget.
Kyu: Gwenchenna. So, what game shall we play? *take out the games*
You: How about this? *point*
Kyu: Well, even we're not couple, so let's play, nae?
You: *nod* Arraseo.

Both of you play until it's almost late night. You didn't realize that you fall asleep on Kyuhyun's shoulder. Kyuhyun paused the game, lifted you and put you in his bed.

Kyuhyun P.O.V

"Everytime when I look at you, my heart skips a beat. ___, I wanted to tell you how long I love you so much. I want the world know how much I love you, ___."

Kyuhyun saved the game and turn it off. He climbed into the bed and sleep beside you. The next morning, you were surprised that you're in his room.

Kyu: Good morning, ___. *brought breakfast*
You: Good morning, Kyu. Did I sleep here?
Kyu: Nae. But I slept at the couch. *put the tray on the table*
You: Oh. *shy* Mianhae about that.
Kyu: It's okay. Eat, nae?
You: arraseo, Kyu. *eat*
Kyu: So, ___, you don't have any plans for this holiday?
You: err... I don't know.
Kyu: Well, how about we go around at Seoul Bridge. It's been a while we haven't go outdoor.
You: It's just we're always playing games indoor.
Kyu: Nae... You have to wash up.
You: Arraseo.

After both of you ready, you went to Seoul Bridge enjoyed the view. It's been a while....

"___, there's something I want to tell you," Kyuhyun hold your hands.
"What is it, Kyu?" you asked.
Then, Kyuhyun pulled you & kissed you softly, "I've been loving you ever since I met you. I don't know whether you'll accept me or not, but I always by your side."
You're so shocked until you almost speechless, "Kyuhyun, I... I..." you also have the same feeling, "I love you too," you hugged him.
"J-Jinjja? SARANGHAEYO, ____!!"
"Aish, don't scream, GameKyu," you hit his arm.
"I want to tell the world that I'm the happiest gamer in the world," Kyu kissed your forehead.

Since then, both of you are officially in relationship, but both of you still not like the other couple. You and Kyuhyun always hang out & playing games like usual.


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