Wednesday, December 4, 2013
6:59 PM

The one that "azan" us when we're born,
The one that proctect us from danger,
The one who is our hero,
It's our father.

Fathers are so special,
To the daughters that they love.
They beam with pride and joy,
As their gift from Allah above.

As daughters grow to women,
And go into the world.
The father and the daughter know,
"She'll be Daddy's little girl".

Fathers are so special,
They help mold our hearts and minds,
Their example and their love,
Last through their child's life time.

Father's are the strength of the family,
To bond us and hold us together.
Always there to mediate the household,
A determind mentor we look to lead together.

With years to came, day by day,
We grow from the nest we grew.
In hopes to become something great,
For I hope to someday be like you.

I really feel bad at times,
For the way I make you feel.
I get all choked inside,
The tears I shed are real.

If Allah should take you away from us,
That would be so hard to bear;
But at least I'd know you understand
How much I really care.

A Father's love is never ending,
Always there with a heart pure of gold.
I love you Dad forever,
I know you'll always be my stronghold.

This poem is special to my one and only, Father. Happy Birthday, Abah. May Allah Bless you Always. ♥


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