Friday, February 7, 2014
5:37 PM
They still are dorky! lewl~!
Assalamualaikum & Annyeonghaseyo!
I'm back again, readers! I'm really sorry that I didn't post anything except my ELFiction of Siwon. I'm really kinda busy these days since it's my first year as junior of middle school. mwehehehe.. :3

Well, how are you guys doing these days? Busy, right? Well, I just want to congratulate for some of you that accepted to MRSM. Well, 01 liners know what I mean. *wink*

My blog had changed again. Yahoo! \(^o^)/ I'm kinda excited so don't mind me, okay?



Last time, the song is SJ - Daydream (Piano Cover). NOW, the song is SJ - Shake It Up! ^^
That's all, my readers! ^^ Assalamualaikum & Sayonara!
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