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You are just an ordinary photographer. You always take some photos of nature and something relate about that. Sometimes, you join some of photography contest, and yeah, you always win. Until there's a man, that you notice while working, always follows you around. You felt annoying that he's always follows you. You tried to ignore him. Unfortunately, it gave you even more annoying days by days.

One day, after you finish cleaning some photos, you just received a call from your manager, Manager Kim. You went to his office. Unfortunately, you were shock to meet that guy again.

"Annyeonghaseyo, Manager Kim." you greet your manager politely.
"Annyeonghaseyo. Please greet this man."
"Annyeonghaseyo, ____ imnida." you greet that man politely.
"Oh... Annyeonghaseyo, ____. Siwon imnida. Nice to meet you."
"Ah~ Nae..." you greet him politely.
"____, I have something to say to you. Since you're always busy & you didn't have any holiday. You should rest at your home for fortnight." Manager Kim said to you.
"Gwenchenna, sunbaenim. I've used to it everyday," you refused.
"Aniyo... you've always tired and now you're face looks pale. Why don't you just have vacation for a while, arra?" you know that you really need a rest, you accept it anyway.
"Arraseo. Therefore, I have to finish the photos for a while. Well, nice to meet you anyway, Mr Choi." You left the office and went to yours.

While you're arranged your works, there's someone came in.

"Nae, who is it?" you stop for a while & open the door.
"Annyeong, ___. It's me again." Siwon gave a great smile.
"Siwon, please come in. I'll serve you a cup of coffee." you let him sit & serve him a coffee.
"Gomawo. Wow! You really are great at taking photos." He looks around your office.
"Nae, I'm still learning new things now." you really blush of his word.
"___, do you have any plans to go for your vacation?" he asked.
"I'll go to my sister's place at Tokyo, Japan. She's really good at drawing anime & other Japanese stuff."
"Jinjja? My members and I will go have a concert at Tokyo too."
"Ah... but I have to go tonight. So, yeah. I'll see you, Siwon." You're about to go, Siwon held your hand.
"ermm, ____, can I have your phone number? So that we can contact each other." You gave him your number while he gave you his.
"Nae... So, see ya later." you left him.

Siwon's POV
That girl, ____. She's really pretty. I'm already fall in love with her. Aigoo... Am I day dreaming? ___....___.... that name is still stuck in my head. Her name is really cute too... Focus, Choi Siwon! I should take it easy first. Well, since my members will have a concert at there too, I should find her first.

Your POV
Siwon.... that's a pretty name for a handsome man... Wait... Am I fall in love with him? Oh Lord... He's from Super Junior & he's popular... But me, I'm just a simple girl. That lips, it's driving me crazy.

At 1.00 a.m., you're just arrived at Tokyo International Airport. While you're trying to find your sister, you just got a message. It's from Siwon. 'Konnichiwa, ___. How's your flight to Tokyo? I just want to say that I'll arrive at Tokyo tomorrow at 8.40 a.m. So, have a nice rest. Sayonara. -xoxo Siwon'

After you're reading the message, you starting to think dirty about him. Suddenly, your sister, Miryeong, snapped a finger.

"Konnichiwa, ___. Kyaa! Are you day dreaming again?" She hug you.
"Konnichiwa, Miryeong ane. I'm not day dreaming." you punch her arm.
"Ouch! Okay... Well, let's go home now. You must be tired travel to here, right?" you nodded and went home.

Siwon was in the plane with members. He looked at his phone, full of your pictures. He can't stop thinking about you as he's already in love with you. Your looks, your voice, your hair, it's just so perfect for him. '___, that girl, I really want her so bad. What if she's already have a boyfriend? What if she will reject me?' Siwon thought to himself.

"Oh, hyung, what are you thinking about?" That evil maknae, Kyuhyun, disturb him from day dreaming.
"Nothing, Kyu." he let out a sigh.
"Jinjja? Then who's that... Wait, isn't that ___?" Siwon's shock. 'How can he know about her?'
"H-how do you know her, Kyu?"
"Well, ___ and my Ahra noona were best friend. ___ noona is really a kind person. She always works hard to achieve her dream. There's one time, she told me that I can achieve my dream if I work very hard. I finally successful being a popular singer." Siwon glanced at Kyuhyun once again.
"Ah, I see." Siwon still look at the pic.
"I guess there's someone already have crush on ____." Kyuhyun smirk.
"Aigoo, Kyu..." Siwon blushed to himself.
Arrived at Tokyo, Super Junior went to the hotel to unload the luggage and then went to the stadium for rehearsal.

It's the perfect morning for you. You went to the park to get some refreshment air. Suddenly, you saw that there are a lots of vans at the stadium near your park. You remember that Super Junior has a concert at the stadium. You feel like you really want to meet Siwon. So, you went to the back stage. When you're at back stage, you feel there's someone back hug you.

"Konnichiwa, ___ noona or maybe Ayumi ane." Kyuhyun smirk.
"Konnichiwa, Kyu. Aigoo... stop hugging me," Kyuhyun let it go. Then, the members came.
"Oh, Konnichiwa. We are Super Junior." All the members said together at once.
"Nae, annyeonghaseyo, Super Junior. ___ imnida, but you can call me Ayumi if you want to. It's my real name. I was born in Hiroshima, Japan." you introduced yourself to them.
"Eh? How can you speak Korean so well?" Eunhyuk asked.
"Well, I was studied middle school with Kyuhyun's noona, Cho Ahra. So, yeah..." you told them.
"Ah, we see. Well, I'm Lee Hyukjae, but you can call me Eunhyuk."
"Annyeong, Ayumi noona. I'm Ryeowook. SJ's eternal maknae..." and then the others introduced themselves for you. 'Eh, where's Siwon? He hasn't show up.' you're curious.

"Erm, Eunhyuk oppa, where's Siwon?" Then suddenly Kyuhyun answered.
"I think he's out looking for you."
"Pardon me? When did he go out?" you're shocked.
"Well, after the rehearsal, he told me that he want to find you."
"Ah, I see... I think he went to my sister's studio. Well, I have to go now." Then you left the stadium.

You felt worried about Siwon. Suddenly, you saw Siwon at the park sitting on a bench. You sit beside him, "Konnichiwa, Siwon. How are you?" you greet him politely.
"Konnichiwa, ____. I finally found you." Siwon suddenly hugged you.
"S-Siwon, what are you doing?" you were shock due his action.
"A-ah... mianhae." he let you go. 'Aish. Why did I hug her for? Does the fate let us to be together? Her lips, I just... wanna kiss her badly. I should confess to her.' Siwon blushed to himself.
'That strange. I didn't know that he would be this prevent. Aigoo. He looks more handsome when he's blush. Eh, does fate really want us together?' your heart skips a beat.

"___, there's something I want to tell you." Siwon hold your left hand and put on his cheeks. "Siwon-ah, what is it?"
"I like y-... I mean... I-I love you, ___. I really do. You noticed that I was always stalking you, right? Because I had fallen in love with you." You were shocked. 'Is he serious? Why do I feel strange? Is this call love?' you have so many questions in your mind.

"Siwon, are you serious?" you let go the hand.
"Nae,___. I really am serious." He's about to kiss you but you pushed him.
"Mianhae, Siwon. I have to go now." you left him & went back to your house. 'Mianhae, Siwon-shi. I left you heartbroken. It's just that, I already have a boyfriend. Mianhae again.'

You went to the sushi restaurant nearby. You were shock when you see your boyfriend, Atori, was dating with your old friend, Ikari. Then, he suddenly saw you at the door. You ran away as fast as you can. You can feel that he's chasing you. It was raining that evening. You don't care that your clothes was wet. Unfortunately, you tripped and hurt your ankle.

"____, are you ok?" Atori asked.
"I... I..." you tried to get up but you still can't.
"Ayumi, your ankle is hurt. Let me carry you back home." you didn't have any choice but just let him help you.

At home, Atori put you in your bed gently. He also bandaged your wound carefully.
"Arigato, Atori. You really are her hero." your sister thanked him.
"My dear, take care of yourself, okay. Tomorrow I'll visit you again." he was about to kiss your forehead but just pushed him away and cover yourself with your blanket.
"Well, I have to go now, Miryeong ane," then he left.

'Aigoo, why am I feel heartbroken since I just saw him with Ikari? I remember, last time I went back here, I saw them kissing each other. I won't gone back to him again.' you thought.

"Ayumi, is there something wrong between you two?" your sister asked
"Ane, I want to break up with Atori. He was cheating on me." your face wet full of tears.
"Huh? When?" she was shock. You explained to her about last night you saw him.
"Ah... so that's why you refused him just now... Why don't you just say to him?" she said.
"I... I don't know... I'm just scared that something will happen to me." you suddenly think about Siwon. 'I like y-... I mean... I-I love you, ___. I really do.' You still remember his confess. You felt guilty for rejected him.
"Ane, do you know Super Junior?" you pretend to ask her.
"Yes... wasn't that your best friend, Cho Ahra's brother, Kyuhyun's group, right?" you nodded.
"Yes, ane... Well, it's just that I have fall in love with one of his member." you said it quietly.
"Really? Then who is it?" you're about to say, suddenly your phone received a message, it's from Siwon.
'Good evening, ___. Can I talk to you at the park nearby your house?' You smiled
"Erm... HIM." you gave her your phone. "Siwon?! WOW! I really know him. Oh, and he's the same age as you."
"Erm.. I have to go to the park. Sayonara." you went out from your house.

You went to the park nearby your house. You saw Siwon was holding a present. You went near him.
"Good evening, Siwon. What's bring you here?" you asked him politely as usual.
"Oh, good evening, ____. I just wanted to say sorry about this afternoon. I..." you cut his word by hugging him.
"Oppa, I love you... I love you..." you finally confess to him.
"____, y-you really do?" Siwon held your face. He can see your eyes full of tears, "___, what happen?"
"Siwon-ah, he cheated on me... My namja chingu cheated me," you buried yourself onto him.
"You have a b-..." "Ex-boyfriend." you cut his word.
"Ah, I see..."
"I wanted to break up with him... Siwon-ah, can you stay at my place for a while, jeballeyo?" you pouted.
"Aigoo, how could I refuse you with this face?" he poked your nose.
"ㅋㅋㅋ... Oh, Siwon, what was that present?" you asked him.
"It's for you. You can open it now if you really want to know." Siwon handed the present for you. You opened the present and surprise, it was a necklace.

"Gomawo, Siwon." you kissed his cheek. Siwon helped you tied the necklace around your neck.
"Nae, cheonmanja. ___, let's go to your home now. It's kinda late." you nodded.

At home, you showed him his new room.
"Wow! This room is really beautiful and the color blue is really suitable. Arigato for letting me stay here." Siwon praised.
"Nae! Dō itashimashite. It's my pleasure." When you're about to go, Siwon pulled you and hugged you.
"___, thanks for accept my love." you smiled.
"I have to go to sleep now."
"Kiss my cheek first." He smirked.
"You're too much, Siwon."
"Just kidding. Good night, ___. Sweet dream." He pinched your nose. You were blushed and went to your room to rest.

To Be Continued...

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