Friday, May 23, 2014
6:11 AM

Hey, you guys! It's been A MONTH I haven't updated anything. It's an apologize as I was busy studying for my exams these days. Since, I'm back from The Hell of Exam, I've been thinking to do some stuffs for today until holiday June.

I was wondering, that I haven't join any GA since few months. Well, maybe you guys can invite me any GA, but I only interest in Kpop/Jpop stuffs & Kawaii (Rilakkuma and cute Japanese stuff). =3= haha.. Well, I'm really interest cute stuffs these days and it's also my type.

So, GA is my first thing that I want to do starting today. Second, hmm.. oh, yeah! I'll be update my lastest novel imaginary and update a new one called "Times Out". The main character is Kyuhyun Cho. So yeah.. I think it'll be interesting and exciting for you guys. maybe.. 

Third, well. I want to tell you guys that I'll be on vacation from 30 May to 6 June in Sarawak, where my mother's hometown is. Actually, my mother is an Iban woman, but she's in Islam before she married my father. And yeah, so, you guys want me to tell story about during my holidays? If you do, please comment. Maybe you guys wanna know what I actually do during my holidays at Sibu, Sarawak. :))

I think that's about it. Not-so-long-or-short entry. I'll be update often very soon if I'm not busy, ok? See you guys later! :D

Yours sincerely,
AyumiChan -ᴥ-
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