Tuesday, May 27, 2014
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After the school, Suzuka went to the school to practice with her band, BABYMETAL. She always get the 1st Winner od The Best Metal Band Competition. When she's practice, there's someone came in, it's Kyuhyun. He stood at the door and watch her performance.

After the lesson, "Suzuka!" Kyuhyun called her as he walked towards her.
"Oh, Kyuhyun! You're here again," Suzuka smiled.
"Nae, Suzuka. So, let's go home, shall we?" He asked while hold her hand.
She nodded, "Nae, Kyuhyun shi. Let's go home now."

In the house, Kyuhyun's father called them to the living room.
"Appa, waeyo? Is there something wrong?" Kyuhyun asked.
"Aniya, Kyu. Appa want you to marry with Suzuka."
"Pardon me, Master? Is this true?" Suzuka asked curiously.

Kyuhyun's father explained the reason why Kyuhyun should marry with Suzuka.

"I'm really sorry but... I can't accept it that early, Master. I have to do something else now," Suzuka went to the room.
"Kyu, this is just for Suzuka. Appa doesn't want Suzuka to be like your omma, Kyu. Please take care of Suzuka for me and your omma, nae?"
Kyuhyun sighed while nodded, "Arraseo, appa. I'll do it just for you and your omma."

In the room, Suzuka just laying in bed and watch the clock that hang on her room opposite her bed. She remembered she swore a lot when she's young because of her brother that had gone forever. She wants to know who killed her brother. Suzuka can't accept anyone except Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun always there to help Suzuka. Suddenly, Kyuhyun went to her room without knocking the door.

"Annyeong, Suzuka." Kyuhyun closed the door and went towards Suzuka.
"Oh, annnyeong, Kyu," Suzuka sighed while look at the clock again.
Kyuhyun sit beside her while asked, "You still think about the your brother, right? Gwenchenna, Suzuka. But, you have to accept the past, nae. I don't want to see you like this."
"I don't know, Kyu. I miss him and I still won't give up to find the suspect that killed him," Suzuka said while hold her chest.
"Suzuka, you should rest now. The principle said there will be a new student in our school," Kyuhyun hold her hand.
"Kyuhyun, I'm not that anticipating to be friend with someone I just meet. I need to sleep. Thanks be with me again," Suzuka kissed his cheek.
"Nae, you're welcome, Suzuka. Goodnight and sweet dream, nae," Kyuhyun pat her head.
"Nae, good night too."

The next day, Suzuka's class were crowded and impatient to meet the new pupil.

"Okay, class. Today we have a new student. Please come in,"
A handsome and gentleman student came in, "Annyeonghaseyo. I'm Choi Siwon and it's nice to be here."
"Wow! He's so handsome!"
"I wish I want to date him. OMG!!!"
"If a girl has him, SHE'S SO LUCKY!! I wish I can be his lover."
"There, there, class.. Siwon, please sit beside Suzuka, nae," the teacher said.
"Arraseo, ma'am," Siwon bowed to teacher and went towards Suzuka.
"Annyeonghaseyo, Suzuka. I'm Siwon. May I have a sit?"
"Oh, annyeonghaseyo, Siwon. Nae, you may."
"Oh, gomawo," Siwon, sit beside her.

During recess, Suzuka went to the school park. Suddenly, there's someone hug her, it's Kyuhyun.

"Hey, Suzuka! You seem so moody. Is there something wrong?" Kyuhyun pinched her cheek.
"I'm fine. Just thinking about that new student in my class. He looks like the person that killed my brother few years ago," Suzuka sighed while look at her book filled with memories.
"Oh, I see. So, you have any class after recess, maid?" he asked.
"No, waeyo?"
"Oh, I'll have 2 classes after recess. Since the new student is really new to this school, why don't you give him a tour?"
"I don't know. My girls classmates really crazy about him but I have to practice with my band for a while."
"Oh, the recess is end. I have to go to class. Take care, Suzuka." Kyuhyun kissed Suzuka's forehead.
"Okay, Kyuhyun. I'll be fine, nae." Kyuhyun stood up and went back to his class.

Suzuka got up and went to the library. She didn't realize Siwon followed her around. Suddenly, Siwon grabbed her hand and went somewhere else..

To Be Continued...

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