Wednesday, May 28, 2014
9:37 PM

Suzuka got up and went to the library. She didn't realize Siwon followed her around. Suddenly, Siwon grabbed her hand and went somewhere else.

"Err.. Siwon, where are we going?" Suzuka asked curiously.
"Oh, nothing. I just want to have some times with you, Suzuka. Hmm.. I overheard your and Kyuhyun's conversation just now. You know, during recess there are a lot of girls want to be my school tour guide but they're so crazy," Siwon let out a sigh.
"Well, I'm actually Kyuhyun's.. err.. cousin. I live with him for almost 10 years since my family had gone. 5 years ago, I was with my big brother but now he's gone. I wanted to find that person even until today!" Suzuka still doesn't give up.
"Oh, arraseo. So, Suzuka, can you give me this school tour? I want to know more about it," he hold her hand.
"Hmm? Oh, of course. So, let's get started from the school hall," then the tour started.

The tour ends. Suzuka took him to the school park again. While she was looking at her watch, it's time for her and Kyuhyun to go back home. 

Kyuhyun went towards them, "Annyeong, you two. So, you're the new student that ALL the girls were crazy about, huh?"
"Oh, annyeong, Kyu. Well, kinda. ALL the girls, you said?" Siwon glanced at Suzuka.
"Yah, Kyu!" She punched his arm. 
"Hehe.. Sorry, kiddo. Well, Suzuka is really not that easy to be friend with, Siwon," He teased her again.
"Oh, really? Hmm.. okay, I think it's kinda late. I have to go now. Suzuka, thanks for giving me a tour," Siwon pat her head.
"Nae, cheonman, Siwon."
The three of them went back home.

At a room, Suzuka laying in bed while close her eyes. She's starting to think the suspect that killed her brother and Siwon, her new classmate. She wanted to know the truth behind her brother's death. She tried to hold her tears.

"What if HE is the victim?" Suzuka thought herself while sigh.

Kyuhyun, again, went into her room without even knocking.
"Annyeong, Suzuka," Kyuhyun closed the door and sit beside Suzuka.
"Nae, annyeong, Kyu. How many times should I tell you to knock the door before entry?"
"Oh, maybe forever.." Kyuhyun teased her.
"Aish, jinjja. So, why you're here again?"
"Aniya, just want to accompany you, kiddo," Kyuhyun pinched her cheek.
"Yah, don't pinch me!" Suzuka pout while rub her cheek.
"Aww~ you're so cute.."

Few days later, it's Saturday. Kyuhyun woke up so early and went straight to the kitchen. He saw Suzuka is preparing breakfast for his family. Suzuka turn around and suddenly the times stops.

"Kyu? He doesn't move a muscle," Suzuka clean the kitchen and look outside.
"Why the outside is so dark? Ouch!" she hold her head, "Is.. this.. a curse?"

Suddenly, the time moves again. Kyuhyun went towards Suzuka and hold her.
"Suzuka, are you okay?" Kyuhyun worried about her.
"N-Nae, Master. I'm.. fine.. Just a bit dizzy.." Suzuka answered.

Suzuka went to her room and laying in bed while look at the clock that hangs on the wall opposite her bed.
She looked at outside and saw a man wears a black clothes with a black hoodie. She wanted to go out but the man disappeared in just a blink.

She get up and went towards her bookshelf to find the mysterious of the times. She read and read. Suzuka was shocked that the times stop if a person tries to control another person. It is the darkness inside every body, include Suzuka. She wanted to meet Siwon and suddenly she screams and stops the times again, but this time is even different. A man in black hoods is behind her. What will happen of Suzuka?

To Be Continue....

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