Sunday, June 8, 2014
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Suzuka about to fall from the building but fortunately, Kyuhyun pulled her onto him and kissed her softly. Suzuka pushed him softly.

“I’m sorry,” Suzuka suddenly disappeared and the times moves again.

“Suzuka… Suzuka!!!” Kyuhyun looked around but there’s no sign of her. “No, this couldn’t happen. Oh! The book.” Then he ran back to his house to find the book.

He continues read until the end of the mysterious darkness.

“…disappear in no reason. Will the person live again? Will someone save the person? No one knows the cure behind the curse…”

“It started blank.” He still think the memories with Suzuka. He knows Suzuka is a really different girl, may as TOMBOY. He loves her since they first met.

Suddenly the times stops again. He looked at the mirror and saw a girl with black clothes. It’s almost the same happens to Suzuka.

“Hello, Kyuhyun. I’m your darkness, Seohyun. I’m here just giving an advice about your maid, Suzuka,” she bowed.

“What is it, Seohyun? Please, I only have her. My mother died because of Suzuka. My father want me to marry her because of Suzuka. I still don’t understand even my father already explain it, I just want Suzuka to tell me everything. And also, I want to tell her how much she’s important for me,” he showed Seohyun his bracelet that he’s wearing.

“This bracelet. Suzuka gave it to me during my birthday after we met for the first time. Seohyun, please tell me the advice.”

“This advice you can’t use it wastely. Suzuka is already exist but I won’t tell you where it is. I know you are her guardian angel. Always be there. I may think that you overheard Suzuka’s and Siwon’s conversation, right?”

“Nae, I overheard. Wait… don’t tell me that…” Kyuhyun finally know what’s going happen.

“Yes, Kyuhyun. I won’t say it so you must save her in any action, but you cannot killed her, if you do, she’ll do the same on you too. Annyeong,” Seohyun disappeared in the thick of air.

“Seohyun, wait… Oh, no. I can’t let Suzuka kill Siwon.” Kyuhyun went out and ran to Siwon’s house.

At Siwon’s house, Siwon was reading his Bible book. Suzuka, on the other hand, she’s in front of Siwon while holding a knife. Siwon didn’t even know she’s in his room, suddenly Suzuka’s scream again.


The light bulb suddenly broke. Siwon was startled and look around. He saw a girl with white clothes cover with blood while hold a knife. Siwon looked closer and he was shocked because it’s Suzuka.

“Suzuka, why are you here? Are you trying to kill me?” Siwon got up while put his Bible book on the table.

“I won’t kill you if you didn’t kill my brother, Siwon. I swear to myself that if someone kill him, I’ll have a revenge on that victim. So it’s you, Siwon,” Suzuka went closer to Siwon.

“Suzuka, listen to me. I want to say sorry what I’ve done of your brother. I’m sincerely sorry.”

“Why you have to be sorry now? Maybe it’s too late for you to say,” she’s about to kill Siwon but Kyuhyun grabbed her hand.

“Suzuka, stop.”

“Why would I stop, Mr. Cho? Just let go!” she pushed him and accidentally cut his arm.

“Kyuhyun!” Siwon went towards him, “Kyu, are you okay? Omo! Your arm is bleeding.”

“It’s okay, Siwon. You shouldn’t worry about me,” Kyuhyun looked at Suzuka, “Suzuka, please explain to me. Why you have to be the victim for everyone? Your parents, brother, my parents, classmates, everyone and include me. Why have I should fall for a TOMBOY like you, Suzuka? Does it called love?”

“Kyuhyun, you shouldn’t ask that. I…” Suzuka suddenly fainted and went back to normal.

Kyuhyun carried her back home. He put her in bed and take out a wet towel and put on Suzuka’s head.

“Suzuka, I never understand why you’re just being different.”

To Be Continue…
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